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Improvement wishes for this kwiki install

  • Remote backup plan - Mark Stosberg
  • Apache magic to take /cgi-bin/cgi-app/index.cgi out of Urls
  • A table of contents syntax (a nice feature in MoinMoin used frequently on the darcs wiki.) starter code - Mark Stosberg
  • Option to add a comment for each edit, like MoinMoin and others have. - Mark Stosberg
  • More logo proposals - Mark Stosberg

Wiki Updates

  • Mark wanted all CamelCaps links to be displayed with spaces, so I have hacked Kwiki to do this. However, it also ends up splitting perl modules like HTML::Fill In Form. If someone can give me an updated regexp that would exclude words that contain an embedded : then we might be able to fix this problem. Here is the current regexp ( s/(?<=[a-z])(?=[A-Z])/ /g) - Cees Hek

Pipe up on #perl on irc.perl.org if you want to help with any of these.